Personalized favors that will remind your guests of the great time they had at your event!  Each guest can choose a design and then watch it being created.  Our experienced and talented artists can paint on ANYTHING... tees, hats, squishy pillows, sweatpants, basketballs, totes, and more!!


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Balloon Twisting

Everyone loves balloons!  Guests can choose from a wide variety of objects and then watch our balloon artist bring them to life.

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Big Chair Photo

Big Chair = Big Fun! Up to 10 adults can get their photos taken with a variety of fun props.  Each participant will get a print and a choice of frame or photo holder.  You will receive a CD with all pictures taken.

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Bopping Heads

Bopping Heads is a hilarious music video where YOU are the star!  "Green screen" meets "lip synch" meets "instant animation" meets "karaoke" for a one of a kind fun experience.  With green screen technology we superimpose your head onto a professional dancer's body and all you have to do is sing, dance, be a little silly, and have fun!  The whole process only takes about 3 minutes.  Guests are always highly entertained; even guests viewing the participants can't get enough!  Each guest receives a DVD of their magical transformation.

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Build a Buddy Bear Factory

Everyone loves a furry friend!  Let your guests stuff and dress their own bear in an interactive environment with one of our state-of-the-art machines.  We have many animals and outfits to choose from, or create a custom T-shirts personalized with your logo, photo, or saying.

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Can Art

Recyclable cans turned into beautiful works of art. Great activity for Earth Day!

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Candy Boxes

Customize your favorite boxed candy!

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Candy Walls

Everyone can be a kid in a candy shop!  Choose your favorite bulk candy to fill our 10 or 20 cylinder candy walls, then let your guests mix and match.  For an extra special touch, create custom bags with a name or logo.  If you prefer, we can provide an empty cart for you to stock with packaged candy.

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Bring out the best and make it BIGGER!  Caricature artists accent and exaggerate features and proportions to highlight what makes each person special.  Give your guests a unique portrait favor!

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Carnival Games

Try your hand at our games of skill!

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Is Lady Luck on your guest list?  We provide gaming tables and professional dealers to give guests of all ages a genuine casino experience.

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Chair Covers

Elevate any room to an elegant catering hall!  These slip-on covers will give a uniform appearance to chairs with different upholstery.  Personalize the room even further by choosing a color to match your theme!

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Chairdrops thumbnail


Personalized chair covers or sashes make it YOUR event!  Take it to another level and add your guests' names to create a 3-D place card that doubles as a giveaway!

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We bring the fun!  Our DJs and Dancers are energetic and engaging and will get your guests out of their seats and on to the dance floor!  Columns with Intelligent Lighting add club atmosphere to any room!

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Edible Imprints

Let us help you create something truly delicious and unique, perfect for any occasion.  One of our most popular items, suitable for business functions, parties, or life cycle events!  It makes a great favor, gift, or surprise for the guest of honor.  From a lollipop with your photo or a logo to an image of your business card, we offer many exciting and delicious ways to customize chocolate.  Available in milk chocolate or dairy-free.   Be sure to ask about custom chocolate place cards for your next event!


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Flip Books

Flip books are a fun type of photo favor created through video.  We set up an area to record you and your friends.  Props are available to make the setting more fun!  We record a 5-10 second video of you performing. You can dance, do aerobics, or just act silly!  The video is then transformed into 60 pages of prints and made into a little book with a personalized cover.  Once it's done, simply flip through the pages quickly so you can see the video play out before your eyes!

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Fun Foods

Sweet, salty, or sour?  We have treats for all tastes!  Popcorn, cotton candy, Pucker Powder, pretzels, and more!

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Game Room Games

Give your guests the ultimate game room experience!  Foosball, air hockey, Skee Ball, and other game stations for one-on-one challenges, or electronic game systems for multi-player competition.

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Game Show Mania

The party game that EVERYONE can play!  Our charismatic MC will ask questions in a wide range of categories.  Customize your event with questions about the guest of honor, your theme, or your business.  Four contestants race to be the first to hit the buzzer and claim the title of King or Queen of trivia and fun facts!  Each Game Show podium position includes a microphone, buzzer, and score board.  Even the audience gets involved!    

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Gel Candles

Your guests will enjoy being creative while making their own Gel Candle or scented Gel Air Freshener.  Guests choose from over a dozen colors of sand and miniature pieces to embed in their personalized candle.  All materials are safe and non-toxic.

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Green Screen Photos

Take your guests to exotic destinations or create a personalized back drop!  We offer many iconic locations and landmarks.  Guests pose in front of a green screen and then our photo technician adds the background and voila!   Choice of frame included.

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Dream of being a doctor, lawyer, athlete, dancer, or model?  We can make it happen!  This newest photo favor has your head attached to a spring and mounted onto the body of your choice.  Custom Bodies also available.  There is no limit to who you can become!

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Yes, you CAN jump here!  Bounce houses, jousts, and obstacle courses are great places to release extra energy.  No athletic skill necessary and fun for all ages!

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Lounge Décor

Turn any venue into a trendy lounge club or give your guests a place to relax and connect!  Chic cocktail tables and bar stools, comfortable sofas, and footstools enhance any room!

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Lucky Bamboo

The Chinese say Lucky Bamboo improves Feng Shui and creates a space where you feel safe and more energized.  It is known to bring luck, fortune, and prosperity to your home.  Make your own Lucky Bamboo plant using our water storing marbles and decorative glassware and bring serenity home with you!

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Million Dollar Candy Drop

A fun and interactive quiz game with sweet rewards!  Four video monitors control four trap doors.  Read the question and place your candy bets.  Answer incorrectly and the candy drops away.  Answer correctly, the door stays closed, and you win!

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Photo Booth

More fun than formal pictures!  Let your guests decide when and with whom they would like to be photographed.  We provide props, and silliness is encouraged!  Four poses are taken and printed on your choice of a 2"x6" strip or a 4"x6" photo.  Each guest in the pose will receive a print and we'll print an extra for you!  As a bonus, our technician will create an album for your guests to sign as a memory book of your special event.

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Photo Favors

More fun than formal pictures!  Let your guests decide when and with whom they would like to be photographed.  We provide a back drop and props, and silliness is encouraged!  Each guest in the pose will receive a print and choice of frame or photo holder.  You will receive a CD with all photos taken.  

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Pillow Tees

Two favors in one for hugable fun!  Create a design with your theme or allow your guests to choose from our selection of images.  Our technician will then create a personalized t-shirt, sew it shut, and stuff it to make a pillow!

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Pipe and Drapery

Create focal points or divide rooms for privacy and elegance!  Drape is available in white and black in 8' and 12' heights.

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Rolled Ice Cream

Our newest service, and the current "fun food" craze, is Rolled Ice Cream, which is also known as Thai Style Ice Cream.  This is a made-to-order dessert which is created by pouring a cream base onto a sub-zero temperature freezing plate. The extreme cold causes super fast freezing which produces a smooth, creamy texture unlike conventionally made ice cream. Each guest then chooses the toppings, which are chopped into the semi-frozen cream.  The concoction is then flattened and allowed to freeze completely on the plate. The grand finale is watching the rolling artist scrape it off the plate in sections that form graceful, delicate, and enticing rolls that are individually placed into a cup.  The finished treat is a masterpiece for the guests' eyes an

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Sign Shoppe

Mark your space or make a statement!  Personalized signs of all kinds.

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Step and Repeat Photos

Give your guests star treatment!  Everyone will feel like a VIP when they walk the red carpet and pose in front of your custom backdrop!

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Virtual Graffiti Wall

A real party pleaser!  Snap a photo and it is instantly uploaded to a huge white board.  Armed with virtual spray cans, your guests can decorate the photo with stencils or stamps or just write or draw freehand over the photo.  When done, they can instantly print, email, or share their creation on Facebook or other social media.  

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Wax Hands

Wax Hands are fun to make and produce unique results every time!  We use only the safest, non-toxic white paraffin acrylic-like wax, providing you with a comfortable, soothing experience.  First we dip the participant’s hand in ice water before placing it several times in our warm, soothing wax to form an actual mold of the hand in the shape of their choice.  We then allow the hand to be customized in a variety of color combinations that will then become a one-of-a-kind keepsake!  A variety of props are offered, allowing you to add your own personal touch!  The finished product is placed in a plastic box for secure transport.

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Whatz Poppin

Something for the road!  Prepackaged gourmet popcorn for your guests to enjoy on their way home.  Over 15 exciting flavors such as Cinnamon Toast, Chocolate Drizzle, Ragin' Cajun, Caramel & Peanut, Caramel Corn, Movie Style, White Cheddar, and more!  For an extra touch, personalize with a message thanking your guest for "Poppin by".      

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